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Crank-operated scaffolding jack K1500 / 3

Artikelnummer: 10130
Crank-operated scaffolding jack K1500 / 3
our crank-operated scaffolding support can be used for many applications in
building construction. Base made of square tube 50 mm x 50 mm, welded rigidly,
base frame stands safely on any ground. The height of the top frame can be adjusted
as needed by turning the slip-on crank. You can find the crank further down in
this product range (Part-No. 11280), the rotary movement of the crank is transformed
into an up-and-down movement of the top frame by shaft and star wheel.
Supporting tube of 80 mm x 40 mm square tube, round tube sockets
(Ø 48.3 mm) welded on both sides hold the railing post as fall arrester or for
mounting the top frame. This version already comes with a railing post as back guard
for insertion in the side welded sockets. Diagonal bracing of the crank-operated
scaffolding supports is prescribed from 2.00 m height and higher. Holders for
the ends of the diagonal braces are welded at the bottom ends of the tube sockets.
Load: 1600 kg
Suitable diagonal strut can be found further down in our product range.
(Part-No.: 11271 / 11272)
Width: 1.50 m
Height: 1.70 m - 3.00 m


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