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Concrete guardrail

Artikelnummer: 3F200
Concrete guardrail type 20

For individual fencing off of construction sites and other danger zones, whereby the road traffic or also pedestrians are safely guided.
The individual elements can be endlessly connected to each other (connecting element part no. 3F200-1, so that the installation in the length as a stable unit ensures particularly good hold.
The concrete guardrail can be assembled with mobile fences or our Euro panel fences as an additional barrier or guiding device.
The concrete guardrails can also be set up at an angle of up to 6°, so that they can also be set up safely in curved areas.
In addition, the elements have built-in reflectors, so that the traffic is made aware of a guidance device at an early stage.
The concrete guardrail is suitable for forklift and crane use. In addition, the elements can be secured with screws or ground nails during installation.

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