Schake GmbH


Artikelnummer: VPST22SOB0113

The V-Gate is a folding sliding gate which, due to its compact transport dimensions, is ideally suited for construction sites and events,
and is ideally suited for use on construction sites and at events. Once folded out manually, it is controlled by radio remote control as standard.
Can be moved by forklift pockets and crane eyes. Mobile as well as stationary
stationary. The dimensions in transport condition are 2100x1200x2360mm
(so up to 12 V-Gates fit on a truck) with a weight of 1890kg and an opening width
and an opening width of 5.40m. Incl. printable aluminium composite panel, CEE plug,
rack and pinion drive, LED flashing light, drive-through sensor, motor with power shut-off
and rubber buffers on all shear edges


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