Construction equipment

Formwork, Building support safety, Storage - transport, Building site installation

Construction equipment is an important area of the construction industry that encompasses a wide range of products and measures to make construction sites safe and efficient.
Formwork includes formwork supports, formwork, tripods and much more, which are used when concreting walls, ceilings and foundations. Protective scaffolding such as folding scaffolding frames and guardrail safety systems ensure the safety of workers on the construction site.
Stacking pallets and transport systems are ideal for storing and transporting building materials. Securing materials such as straps and chains are necessary to secure the material during transportation by forklift or crane.

Construction site equipment includes all measures necessary for the preparation and execution of construction site work. This also includes advertising on construction sites to draw the attention of potential customers to the construction project. Safety on construction sites is an important aspect that must be ensured through appropriate measures such as barriers and warning signs.


The products in this category offers you a wide range of formwork products, formwork and slanted props in various length, painted and galvanized, formwork beams of wood and accessories like tripods, clamps, threaded rods or wing nuts.

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Building support safety

Our range of folding jacks, builders jacks, ladder and bracket scaffolding offers you a lot of flexible applications.

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Storage - transport

For having an efficient construction site, elaborate stocking racks, stackable pallets and mesh boxes are essential, same as sturdy transport equipment like wheelbarrows or crane and loading forks.
Transport securing devices as lashing straps, lifting bands or edge protections cmplete the aspect of safety.

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Building site installation

Our building site installation section includes products such as barriers, signs, warning lights and markings that can be used to operate a construction site safely and efficiently. This serves to protect both workers and road users from potential hazards. The right construction site equipment is crucial. Not only does it ensure the safety of everyone involved, it also allows work to be carried out efficiently. Clear markings, highly visible signs and appropriate barriers minimize the risk of accidents and make the construction site a safe working environment.

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