Urban design

Ornamental ballards, Stainkess steel, Outdoor equipment

Urban design encompasses all measures that serve to improve the appearance of a city and make public spaces more attractive.
Style bollards are an important aspect of urban design. These not only serve to demarcate traffic areas, but can also be used as design elements. Style bollards are available in various designs, colors and shapes.
Stainless steel is a particularly high-quality material that is suitable for the manufacture of bollards, barriers and other urban design elements. Stainless steel is robust, durable and easy to clean. It also lends a modern and elegant touch to public spaces.
When it comes to open space furnishings, the aim is to design and enliven public spaces with various elements. These include, for example, bicycle racks, plant containers and litter garbage cans.

Ornamental bollards

Our ornamental bollards are elegant, attractive barriers that serve to control traffic in style and cordon off certain areas. They improve the cityscape and contribute to safety in pedestrian zones thanks to their durability. Style bollards are therefore an attractive option for improving both the aesthetics and functionality of a public area.

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Stainless steel

Our stainless steel posts, developed for ageless design and long-term use, are made in our factory based in Hagen.
Consistent to these posts, we have a wide choice of stainless steel, grinded hoops in our range, which can be used as a barrier, but also as lean-on hoops for bicycles.
Further grades like corten steel can be applied, please find our corten steel posts and bicycle stands below.

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Outdoor equipment

Congenial to our range of barrier systems for cities, we also provide various products of outdoor equipment.
Bicycle racks in a row, individual stands or lean-on hoops in special designs re often installed.
For municipal needs we offer a wide range of litter bins and also planters for embellish the city side.

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