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Product Innovation - Panel Fence with Signal

Our innovative panel fence guidance system with acoustic signalling offers visually impaired people safe assistance when passing through narrow points such as pedestrian emergency routes or other danger zones.

This advanced product innovation is positioned at the entrances and exits of construction sites and is used there to secure danger points as well as a guidance system for safe navigation through it.

It was developed in collaboration with an association for the blind and communicates with apps for visually impaired people thanks to its general wireless compatibility.



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Concrete guide barrier - for separating traffic areas and work areas.

All the advantages at a glance:

- Suitable for forklift and crane operation
- for Schake site fences and barrier hoops
- Individual advertising options thanks to logo plate
- stable stacking possible thanks to locking mechanism


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The trade fairs were a great success

We would like to thank all the visitors to our stand in Amsterdam and Paris.

We had some great conversations and made some nice contacts.

We were able to gain some new insights into the transport technology and construction industry and look forward to implementing our new ideas in the future.

A look into the future reveals that we will also be exhibiting at GaLaBau in Nuremberg in September.

We look forward to welcoming you there too.


We are there!

You can find us at the following trade fairs this month:

Intertraffic, which focuses on traffic technology, offers a comprehensive overview of the latest trends worldwide.

One of the world's largest trade fairs for the construction industry can be found in Paris. Intermat is a chance to discover the latest innovations.

We would like to invite you to our stand. If you still need tickets, please contact us.

We look forward to talking to you, exchanging experiences and presenting our latest products and innovations.


Schake Push-pull props

Watch this video to find out more about our push-pull props. Our push-pull props can be used as tension and compression props for a wide range of applications on construction sites.

Do you have any questions about the product or need advice?

Our sales team will be happy to help you.

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Plug-in railing system for dowelling

In today's video, we present our plug-in guardrail system for dowelling. This innovative system offers a simple and effective solution for securing construction sites, work areas and industrial plants.

The plug-in guardrail system is characterised by its robustness, versatility and ease of use. It enables quick installation and at the same time provides reliable protection for your employees and the working environment.

Do you have any questions about the product or need advice?

Our sales team will be happy to help you.


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Our production facility has expanded!

Two new fully automatic bending machines found their place in both of our production halls last week. In both the construction equipment and traffic safety sector, as well as in the urban equipment sector, they will assist us in processing the steel for our products.

Now, we are well-equipped to handle any requirements that come with our products, and we are excited to tackle these challenges with the assistance of the new machines.


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Trench struts

In today's video, we present our trench struts, which are available in various diameters and lengths, so there is a suitable model for every construction site.

Diameter 32 mm for lengths of up to 1.70 m

Diameter 48 mm for lengths of up to 2.10 m

Diameter 60 mm for lengths of up to 3.00 m

If you have any questions or are interested, please contact our sales team.


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Happy New Year!

We wish everyone a blessed new year with many wonderful moments.

From now on we are here for you again and look forward to hear from you.


Hose and cable bridge

The hose and cable bridge is designed to safely guide hoses and cables over walkways or roads. It features two ducts that can accommodate hoses up to 3 inches in diameter, and comes with connecting elements for easy installation. The bridge can be extended to any desired length, making it highly versatile.

One notable feature of this bridge is its visibility in the dark. Equipped with reflectors, it remains easily visible even during nighttime, enhancing safety. The passage duct dimensions measure 90 mm x 300 mm x 90 mm, while the outer dimensions of the bridge are 850 mm x 300 mm x 90 mm. Made from PVC, it is a durable and weather-resistant material suitable for long-term use.


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Review: A+A 2023

We would like to take today as an opportunity to thank all visitors to our stand at A+A in Düsseldorf.

We had some great conversations and made some nice contacts, our colleagues on site enjoyed their stay in Düsseldorf.

We presented a few of our interesting new products at the trade fair.


You couldn't be there and visit us at our stand?

That's no problem, please contact us and make an appointment with us here in Hagen, we look forward to your visit.


A+A 2023: Trade Fair and Congress

From 24.10.23 to 27.10.23 it's that time again and the A+A will take place in Düsseldorf, the trade fair for occupational health and safety.

The basic idea this time is "Impulses for a better working world".

Of course, we will also be there for you and present many interesting products on the subject of occupational safety and health.

We are already looking forward seeing you, please visit us in Hall 1 / C05!

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The new Schake catalogues - build on safety

Today we present our new catalogues in digital form.

As usual, the catalogues are divided into their categories, so you can search for the articles you are interested in. In a few weeks you will be able to receive printed copies.

We would be happy to take your advance orders now, just contact us by simply contact us by telephone or e-mail.

to the catalogues

Folding panel

A product video of our folding panel series 36080 for universal and quick securing of construction sites.

Our folding panels are available in hatched and arrow-shaped foil in type RA1/A, RA2/B, RA2/C.

We also have suitable transport options for 28 and 5 folding panels to transport and store them safely.


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Do you already know our Schake Insight?

The Schake Insight is our company's "newspaper", which is always published at the beginning of the month and provides you with valuable information on exciting topics.

Subscribe today and never miss an issue again.

Simply scroll down here on our homepage, click on subscribe to newsletter and from then on you will no longer miss any of our interesting issues, it's worth it.


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Curb ramp Type NOX

In this video, as in the previous videos on ramp system, we describe the individual details and advantages of our curb ramp as well as the possible applications of the product.

This is an interesting product for everyone, as it can be used in any area. Whether commercial, public or private. Interest aroused? Take a look at our YouTube channel and see for yourself.


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Review: DeuSAT 2023

The 10th German Road Equippers' Day - DeuSat in Karlsruhe from 15.03.23 to 16.03.23 has ended and of course we were there for you.

The Road Equippers' Day provides impulses for the future design of regulations, guidelines and standards.

This combination of congress and trade fair offered all participants the opportunity not only to attend lectures, but also to get an overview of offers and innovations in the trade fair Road Traffic Technology.


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Ramp system A

In today's video, we introduce you to our ramp system A.

We provide you with detailed and compact technical details and information about the article.

We also show you the main advantages, such as the modular expansion of the system, the high safety factor in road traffic for traffic calming and the simple handling when working with the ramp system A.


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Schake Vector - Creative Tech Solutions

Schake Vector is innovative individual technology.

We offer innovative solutions in the areas of construction site and event security, construction and event cubes, material tracking and construction site transport.

The focus of all our products is on mobility and modularity.

A platform is the basis for the various structures, turnstiles, sliding gates and others can be mounted on this platform.


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Speed bump type NOX explained!

In this video we have compiled specific and compact information about our speed bump type NOX for you.

You will learn everything about the technical data as well as the details of this speed bump. We also explain the application possibilities and show you how to work practically with our speed bump.


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Schake Workshop – construction site safety simply explaine

The Schake Workshop Team takes care of the safety of your workplace and trains you in the areas of: Occupational safety, construction site safety, road construction and civil engineering.

For the training courses, we provide you with free documentation and certificates or confirmations of attendance after participation.

For the area of construction site safety, there is plenty of information available on the website under the "Knowledge" tab, which is supplemented by learning videos on YouTube

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Review: Perimeter Protection

From 17.01.2023 to 19.01.2023 it was that time again, the Perimeter Protection trade fair took place in beautiful Nuremberg.

Apart from the well-known sights such as the old town, the St. Lorenz Church, the former Reichspartei grounds or the German National Museum, Nuremberg once again had a lot to offer in terms of perimeter protection, fencing technology and building security.

We were on site for you in Hall 1 at Stand 304 and were pleased about numerous visitors and good discussions.


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Our mobile fence accessories in use

In this video, the features and benefits of some accessories are described and explained to you in detail.

With these accessories you can create a whole new product. From a mobile fence to a gate that can be opened and operated like a normal door.


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Perimeter Protection 2023

In January 2023 it's that time again and we are already looking foward. From 17.01.2023 to 19.01.2023 the trade fair Perimeter Protection takes place in Nuremberg. Topics are the perimeter protection, the fence technology and the building security.

We will of course be there for you, you will find us in hall 1 at booth 304.

Please feel free to visit us, we are looking forward to seeing you.



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Review: Bauma 2022

Bauma exceeded our expectations again this year. More than 495,000 visitors from over 200 countries came to Munich to see the approximately 3,200 booths. We were able to gain many valuable insights into the development of the market there.

For us, Bauma was a great opportunity to present our new products, to welcome numerous customers at our booth, but also to make many new and interesting contacts.

We are looking forward to welcome you again in 3 years at the next Bauma.



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Bauma 2022

On the 24th of October, Bauma 2022, the world's leading trade fair for construction machinery and equipment, will start.

Of course, we will also be attending with a strong and committed team to present a range of new, innovative products.

In that case, please visit us at stand B3.204

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Review: Galabau 2022

At the Galabau trade fair 2022 a new record has been set! We have reached the highest number of visitors who visited our booth and where nicely suprised about our
new products. Besides our new e-bike racks/stands, barriers and folding beacons we presented two new products from our Vector department. More specifically : the
mobile, manually and electronically operated mobile construction fence gate and the swing gate. For further informations please reach out to our customer service

We’re getting prepared for the next exhibition in Munich. You’re very welcome to visit us at the Bauma trade fair 2022 in Munich.

Hall: B3
Booth-no.: B3.204

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Extension of our printing options for even more individualization

In order to be able to individualize our products even more, we have expanded our machinery by two printing machines. Labels, signs or logo plates can be individually produced from different materials such as foils, plastics or aluminum. This enables versatile design options to produce many products for our customers even more valuable and individual.


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Our new concrete guard wall. Areas of use and applications

With our new product we want to focus on protection of people and general safety on construction sites.

The concrete walls are versatile and can be combined with various products, such as our plastic panel fences.

For information on other areas of application and products that are compatible with this concrete safety barrier, please watch the video.


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Review: Intertraffic Amsterdam

After a long Corona break, the Intertraffic in Amsterdam opened its doors again. Of course we were also present with a strong team at our new booth. We would like to thank you for four great days with numerous, nice and intensive conversations, which we were able to hold with you personally again after a long time.

We are looking forward to the upcoming Galabau trade fair and Bauma, to which we would like to cordially invite you this year.

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The folding scaffold trestle system - What makes it special?

To further increase safety on the construction site, our product management has designed something new.

The result is a new product that integrates existing systems and working methods.

The folding scaffold trestle system FS 1200, similar to the already common scaffold trestles, can be combined with system planks and commercially available scaffold planks. Thus, slipping, as well as the risk of tripping and falling, is avoided to a much greater extent.


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Schake Induvidual construction

Our diverse product range requires a complex and high-performance machine park, which we are happy to use in addition to the production of our catalog ranges to fulfill special wishes and requirements of our customers.


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Schake Workshop

With Schake Workshop we have created a new and modern way of imparting knowledge. A team of experienced and young speakers has made it their business to present seminar content in a professional and entertaining way.

further information

Schake work site protection range

In a new video on Youtube, we show a few applications for the Schake work site protection range. With the products manufactured here in Hagen, we cover a wide range of requirements.


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Urban Equipment - an insight into our production

With a perfect combination of automation and traditional manual work, we manufacture our barrier posts, bollards and road barriers here in Hagen. Due to this production concept from A-Z "Made in Germany" it is possible for us to fulfil almost every customer request, regarding special dimensions or colors, fast and unbureaucratic.

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Building site warning light with 360° lens

Mobile fences are often difficult to see at night, especially in poorly lit areas such as green spaces, parks and rural areas.
To provide even more #safety, we recommend our construction fence light with an all-round visible 360° lens, long-life battery and very easy mounting on construction fences and lantern irons.

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Turnable Access Barriers - easy handling with great outcome

There are about 40,000 km of bike paths in Germany. To protect the bicycle paths or also for footpaths, we at Schake manufacture the well-known access barriers.

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The 50118 series - Storage and transport pallets

The handling of goods always requires individual solutions for different products. Especially at construction sites it‘s of enormous importance to enable an easily accessible storage, as well as a fast and safe transport.

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BASt signal light for traffic panels PowerNox with radio frequency

This is how easy the serial lightning on construction sites on highways can be.

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Smart transport and storage system - Our TWIN pallet for plastic panel fences

Compact dimensions allow space-saving storage and optimized handling of plastic barriers and base plates.

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Our PowerNOX lamp for fast battery changes

With our patented PowerNOX construction site lamp, we significantly increase productivity when securing construction sites.

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Well products for a successful day at work

We at Schake have been involved for decades in developing practical products for a productive and safe day on the construction site, in the city, in the factory and at events.

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Tiltable steel tube boollards – for a save loading area

Made of robust steel, the inclinable steel bollards are ideal for loading areas. They protect buildings and, due to their tiltability, vehicles from severe damage.

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Safe working thanks to well-lit building sites - our mobile lamp posts

Ideal for the darker half of the year are our mobile and foldable lamp posts. Together with the concrete stand and the LED spotlights they are a great way to illuminate work places and building sites.

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